Adult Education Society is a non for profit civil society organization established in 2000 with the aim of achieving the objectives in the field of adult learning and education.


Our vision

Learning society:

• The society in which the right for education and learning are understood and exercised as a basic human right and a prerequisite for enforcement of all other human and civil rights;
• The society in which learning and education are accessible and intended for everyone, for all ages;
• The society in which everyone continuously learn and educate themselves, develop fully their identities and capacities, and with active participation give their maximum contribution to the development of community and society in general;
The society which organization and the overall development is based on knowledge and skills of its citizens.


Our mission

Affirmation, support and development of adult learning and education, promotion of lifelong learning culture and support to social inclusion and international cooperation in the field of adult learning and education.


Our goals

 Citizens are motivated to engage in programs and activities of learning and education.
• Participation in the activities of adult learning and education is substantial.
• Opportunities for learning and education are high-quality, accessible and visible.
• The providers of programs and activities of learning and education are numerous, qualified, networked and visible.
• International expert exchanges and cooperation in the field of adult education and learning is intense.


Our activities

• Promotion of the importance of adult learning and education and the culture of lifelong learning
• Improvement of the quality of adult education and professionalization in adult education
• Improvement of accessibility of educational opportunities for adults and support to social inclusion and social cohesion through adult learning and education
• Contribution to the development of public policy in the field of adult learning and education
• Support to SEE Region reconciliation, European cooperation and networking in the field of adult education
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Our team and organizationa

The organs of the AES are: Assembly, the Steering Committee and Director. Members and associates of the AES are primarily andragogists, but in general professionals in the field of adult education and learning.


AES Steering Committee:

• Prof. Katarina Popović, Ph.D. – President   /
• Prof. Miomir Despotović, Ph.D.   /
• Maja Maksimović, Ph.D.   /


AES Director:

• Dušan Zdravković   /


Part of AES team

AES team


Our partners

The AES implements its projects in cooperation with the range of partner organizations across Serbia – institutions responsible for adult education, local community centres for culture and education, NGOs, private educational organizations, departments for training in institutions and companies, etc. Besides the partners in the country Society cooperates with many similar organizations in the region and in Europe. Long-term cooperation with DVV International (Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V.) has made a major contribution to the sustainability of the AES. The AES intensively cooperating with the EAEA (European Association for Adult Education), the UIL (UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning), with national organizations in adult education of a large number of European countries (Denmark, England, Finland, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden…), as well as other organizations (KulturKontakt, ETF, REF…).


Our networking

• The International Council of Adult Education, ICAE – www.icae.globa
• The European Association for Adult Education, EAEA –
• The European Basic Skills Network, EBSN –
• The Covenant on Demographic Change, AFE-INNOVNET –
• The European Map of Intergenerational Learning, EMIL –
• The Network of Humanitarian and Civil Society Organizations Working for and with the Elderly People, HUMANAS –
• Lifelong Learning Platform, LLP (EUCIS), collateral membership via EAEA –


Our financial documents

Annual financial report for 2020
Annual financial report for 2019
Annual financial report for 2018
Annual financial report for 2017
• Annual financial report for 2016
• Annual financial report for 2015
• Annual financial report for 2014
• Annual financial report for 2013
• Annual financial report for 2012
• Annual financial report for 2011
• Annual financial report for 2010